The ACHP's major program offices are reflected in its organizational structure.

Federal Agency Programs

The Office of Federal Agency Programs oversees the Section 106 review process by offering education and assistance for implementing the process. This office also helps to improve how various federal agencies integrate Section 106 into their existing practices.

Native American Affairs

The Office of Native American Affairs collaborates with many different organizations to educate, train, and advise them on issues affecting Indian tribes and native Hawaiians. This office’s staff also participates in the Section 106 review process and provides guidance materials to assist others in the process.

Preservation Initiatives

The Office of Preservation Initiatives analyzes legislation and performs research and development on preservation policy and manages the Preserve American program. This office also staffs ACHP membership on the interagency Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience

Communications, Education, and Outreach

The Office of Communications, Educations, and Outreach conveys the ACHP’s message through information, education, and public recognition programs for historic preservation achievement. This office is also responsible for all media and PR efforts.

Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director has senior management responsibility for all staff organizational units and reports to the chairman.

General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel provides legal support to the ACHP, participates in the Section 106 review process, and manages the agency ethics program. This office also oversees Freedom of Information Act requests.


The Office of Administration provides generally supports ACHP leadership and the executive director. In addition, this office offers administrative and clerical support, and performs administrative tasks such as procurement, IT, and budgeting.