The ACHP is working hard for preservation advocacy in every facet of American life.

Top Initiatives

2016 marks 50 years since the National Historic Preservation Act was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. Preservation 50 is the celebration of American culture and heritage through preservation.
By creating partnerships with local schools and offering unique opportunities to students, the ACHP hopes to educate young people on preservation and encourage them to enjoy history in their own backyards.
Community revitalization is the redevelopment of a community in response to permanent and long-term job and population loss and excessive property abandonment and vacancies. Select ACHP members have been appointed to a task force to address these issues.
The ACHP plays a role in helping other federal agencies enhance their sustainability efforts by bringing together representatives of federal, state, tribal, and local interests to promote sustainable practices and development of renewable energy sources.
Because the demographics of America are always changing, the ACHP strives to build a more inclusive preservation program. By widening the representation of the diverse cultures and encouraging involvement in all available opportunities.

More Initiatives